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Topic: Allied Carpets Site
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Posted by: Caroline MacMillan
Date/Time: 27/10/06 12:22:00

Fantastic news everyone - the Inspector has dismissed both Bexwell Property's Appeals regarding the development of the Allied Carpet's site!  A very big thank you to you all for all your time and effort - it was well worth it and just goes to show that we do have communities in London and we can achieve things - suspect there will be some not so arrogant people in Bexwell Properties today!!!

The press would like to do an article on our achievement and have asked if we could get as many residents as possible to gather at the Allied Carpets car park at 9:30am on Tuesday 31st October for a photo shoot.  Please come along and mention it to you neighbours, friends etc.

Many thanks & well done!

Cathnor Park Area Action Group

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