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Topic: lyric square fountains
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Posted by: Dan Baldwin
Date/Time: 24/04/09 13:07:00

Our tax money was spent on this development so WHY can't we enjoy it?
This council has cut our refuse collection to once a week.
Now charges 15 for the removal of goods thus increasing fly tipping.
No longer collects garden waste.
Charges more than 12 an hour for home care for the vulnerable, which used to be free.
Has increased by more than 200% the cost of meals on wheels.
Has closed down community projects.
Spends OUR money on polo matches for gods sake.
Commits environmental pollution by covering every lamp post with the most ridiculous banners, at what cost?
Spends OUR money opposing a new sewer that will prevent 60 000 tons of raw sewage polluting the Thames every year.
Harasses us outside tube stations and on the high street, forcing leaflets into our hands advertising their rather unpleasant Shaun Bailey.

'New tories'? sounds like the same old CONS to me!

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