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Posted by: Rosemary Pettit
Date/Time: 20/10/10 15:47:00

Pocklington owns the building. Thomas Pocklington Trust is a leading provider of housing, care and support services for people with sight loss in the UK. See The building on Cromwell Avenue is solid, although needing a bit of upgrading. If it goes, not only will the tenants - including a number of blind residents - have to leave, but the Pocklington flats will no longer be available in the future. So a charity which does good, and costs the taxpayer nothing, will be prevented from serving Hammersmith residents. Furthermore, the Council will then have to pick up the tab for rehousing people in the future who would have been looked after by the Pocklington Trust. Does any of that make sense?

Go to to sign the online petition.

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